Salt Pine Social

“Salt is for the sea, pine is for the land, and social is the community,” Daphne Comaskey explains to me as we sit at the bar of the recently opened restaurant in Bath she owns with her husband, Paul, and her twin sister, Eloise Humphrey. The three also own El Camino, the popular Mexican restaurant in Brunswick. “Eloise is the creative one, the chef. I’m the more grounding influence and good with details,” Comaskey says. “We complement each other.” The sisters had been looking for another project, and “this building just kept popping into our lives over the past several years,” Comaskey continues. The dark grey contemporary building with bright red trim has had many previous lives, including antique store, gift shop, and sheet metal shop. “We had an idea about what we wanted and a layout in mind,” she says. David Matero Architecture, also in Bath, worked to realize their vision by adding the bar and kitchen, as well as helping with the details. Making the building energy efficient and environmentally friendly was a priority, and there are many new systems in place to accomplish that goal. The look is all clean lines, sparse décor, and soothing neutral colors with a chic, Scandinavian feel.