New Bath restaurant to boast local fare


Bath’s food scene will see a boost this month as the owners of popular Brunswick restaurant El Camino open a new restaurant called Salt Pine Social.

The restaurant’s modern American cuisine will depart from El Camino’s classical Mexican cooking. Although official menu items have yet to be set, Eloise Humphrey, one of the owners, alluded to a diverse menu featuring locally-sourced produce, meats and a highly anticipated oyster and seafood bar. 

Similar to El Camino, the use of fresh and local products remains at the core of Humphrey and the Comaskeys’ vision for the new restaurant.

Humphrey formerly cooked at restaurants in New York City and San Francisco before opening El Camino with her sister and brother-in-law, Daphne and Paul Comaskey. Humphrey explained the owners’ decision to expand.

“I had been cooking Mexican food for twelve years here and I just thought, ‘Gosh there’s so much other food that I want to explore,’” she said.

Humphrey says that Salt Pine Social is geared towards a younger and newer generation of foodies who appreciate the value of local ingredients.

The choice of location was also intentional for the owners.

“I think we decided to open in Bath because there was an opportunity there. It’s a cute town and we thought it needed it,” said Humphries.

With a passionate staff, bright dishes and unique artwork, Humphrey and Comaskey hope to bring some of the funky, modern flare of Salt Pine Social to their Maine community.

Arielle Walrath

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