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Thurs, Fri, Sat.. 5pm-9:30pm

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

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Co-owners and seasoned restauranteurs Eloise Humphrey, Daphne Comaskey, and Paul Comaskey were brought to Maine for the same reasons you were: the simple, beautiful, and genuine lifestyle. Our philosophy reflects that, and a passion for delicious, farm-to-table cooking is the glue that holds it all together. You’ve seen us around and here’s what’s next ...  

The menu at Salt Pine Social is of-the-moment and masterful. Crafted by co-owner Eloise Humphrey, our menu is a collaborative reflection of their years of experience and research. Maine has a bountiful selection of ingredients both from land and from sea which continually inspire our chefs and indulge their senses. With each harvest comes a consistently refreshing and mindful collection of dishes. Join us as our chefs expertly explore and create from the best ingredients that Maine has to offer.

Drink Well.

Our bar serves up an assortment of libations to wet anyone’s whistle. With classic alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, a selection of freely-changing draft beers, and a wine list made to complement the menu of the moment, there’s a drink here to bring out the Social in you.


Salt Pine Social.

We are of the sea, of the land, and of the community.
Here’s how we like to think of it:

SALT of the Earth — reliable, trustworthy, and straightforward

PINE after — desire or hankering for the rich and the real

SOCIAL — from the Latin root ‘socius’ simply meaning: friend.


Come for the thoughtful food and drink, stay for the delight of easy and honest companionship. At Salt Pine Social, we encourage you to share a plate, share a story, and spend your time enjoying both.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
- V. Woolf

Who we are...

Eloise Humphrey

Chef Eloise Humphrey got her start and honed her skills to top-notch level in the ‘80s working with Jonathan Waxman at Jams and Brendan Walsh at Arizona 206 in New York City. Next, she took the west coast by storm, working for Paula LeDuc Catering as an on-site chef, whipping up dishes for the California elite (including President Bill Clinton). Not to be swayed by the exorbitant lifestyle, Eloise has always stayed true to her roots and maintained that tasty, healthy, thoughtful food should be the norm, and not just for the wealthy. Putting this belief into action and moving to midcoast Maine, Eloise collaborated with twin sister, Daphne Comaskey and brother-in-law, Paul Comaskey, to establish three restaurants with mindful, approachable gourmet food: El Camino Cantina, Flipside Pizza, and Salt Pine Social.

Daphne Comaskey

Daphne Comaskey is the woman-behind-the-curtain, wizard of it all. She got her start at age thirteen working as everything from dishwasher to bartender, working for Paul Prudhomme at K-Paul’s in New York City. She was brought to San Francisco as the opening manager of Garibaldi’s, but eventually knew she was destined for more. Joining her twin sister, Eloise, and husband, Paul, the three opened their first restaurant, Kate’s Kitchen—a hopping ‘90s brunch spot in San Francisco. Along the way, Daphne and Paul become better known as mom and dad and in 2004, with two daughters in tow, they moved to Maine and started up El Camino Cantina with twin sister and business partner, Eloise Humphrey. In the ten years since, they have sent those two daughters to college and opened two more restaurants: Flipside Pizza and Salt Pine Social.

Paul Comaskey

Paul Comaskey hails from Birmingham, England, and ventured to New York City with a song in his heart in 1987. He worked at Roebling’s in the South Street Seaport in New York City as a waiter, but if you ask him, he’ll say meeting Daphne was the best part of Roebling’s. As the story goes, Daphne and Paul moved to San Francisco, where Paul was a bartender and manager at The Mad Dog in the Fog and a co-owner of Kate’s Kitchen (if you haven’t guessed it, Kate is daughter one). Once in Maine, Paul Comaskey continued on as loving father and husband, talented singer-songwriter with four self-produced albums, and picked up a new mask: the face of El Camino, where he runs the front of the house. True to his British character, Paul’s humor and warmth are known far and wide, and while he used to run plates, he now runs the show. 


Applewald Farm - Litchfield

Buckwheat Blossom Farm - Wiscassett

Caldwell Farm Beef - Turner

Crystal Spring Community Farm - Brunswick

Fairwinds Farm - Bowdoinham

Goranson Farm - Dresden

Harbor Fish - Portland

Lakin’s Gorges Cheese - Rockland Maine Family Farm - Portland

Maine Maple Products - Madison

Mainely Poultry - Warren

Milkweed Farm - Brunswick

Olivia’s Garden - Gray

Oyster Creek Mushroom Farm - Damariscotta

Patchwork Farm - Brunswick

Silvery Moon Creamery - Westbrook

Six Rivers Farm - Bowdoinham

Sparrow Farm - Pittston

Straw Farm - Edgecomb

York Hill Farm Goat Cheese - New Sharon